Robert Gibson

Content strategist for a professional body in London. Editor, Quality World. Former newspaper journalist. 

Quality World Apr 2016

Flying colours: Quality engineer Adam Rae explains how Raytheon used FMEA to change the way planes are painted, improving safety and quality in the supply chain. Unlocking the Northern Powerhouse: Andrew Palmer, CEO of North of England Excellence, reveals his plans for the north and how the CQI Competency Framework works for business. Steps to change: With food quality high on the news agenda, Muddy Boots Software tells Dina Patel how their products are transforming assurance in the sector.

Quality World Feb 2016

Risk: The new reality: CQI Conference speaker Gerald Ashley reveals the truth about risk, including his powerful insights into human behaviour. Can we fix it? Daniel Keeling unveils the new project from the CQI Construction Special Interest Group and UCL to measure the cost of bad quality in the industry. Engaged in action: Reporter Natasha Cowan goes behind the scenes at BAE Naval Ships the to see the progress of its Quality Maturity Model.

Code centre crumbling

The home of the codebreakers, Bletchley Park, is in danger of falling apart unless it can raise millions of pounds. Milton Keynes' most important historical site is in danger of crumbling if serious financial backing is not found within fours years, according to Bletchley Park Trust Director, Simon Greenish. The site is recognised by historians for its vital role in helping the Allies to win the war but Bletchley Park Trust has no money to fix its rotting buildings and museums.